Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Is it all unravelling?

Porridge doth wonder after the Duncan Thorp embarrasment for Ming? I suspect this wasn't in the post-Dunfermline plan.

Nor was Councillor Niall Walker walking out the party after a spat over standing for Holyrood.

Then we have the case of Derek Young being unceremoniously dumped as a candidate in Edinburgh.

And "young unknown" Alex Cole-Hamilton being placed higher by members than the sitting FibDem MSP in their Mid Scotland and Fife list for the Scottish Parliament elections.

Such dumping, demoting and walk outs are usually the hall mark of a party ill at ease with itself.

However the man who will be First Minister does face some parliamentary problems which may be taking his mind of things of things like putting the party at ease with itself.

Passengers often wondered where Nichol was taking them

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