Saturday, November 25, 2006



Not a great day's news for the man who will be First Minister:

Deputy first minister is guilty of breaking Holyrood expenses - Scotsman

Stephen: I regret my mistake on mortgage - Press & Journal

Minister 'broke' allowance rules - BBC News

Nicol Tells of Claims Blunder - Daily Record

Stephen broke rules over mortgage - ic

But one must take the deputy FM at his word. "I very much regret this error" he says. It's not as if he has been directly involved in dodgy dealings.

However old Porridge does wonder why the best known man in Scotland has not regretted any of his other "errors"? It's not as if they are few and far between. Nor that the Fibs have a reputation for utmost integrity.

One couldn't possibly comment on that general behaviour.

"I wouldn't say Nicol's performances are wooden but..."

UPDATE: Oh dear, oh dear.

UPDATE 2: Oh dear.

Surely the Daily Record doesn't have it's jaws grasped quite as firmly around Nicol Stephen's throat as one would have hoped.
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