Saturday, February 10, 2007


Will-lie Boxed in

Will-lie just can't help himself. After the fraudulent and bogus circumstances of his election which saw him take a low profile and the blasting he got for his hypocrisy and lack of commitment on cluster bombs, we have his latest initiative to con the good people of Fife - abolishing tolls on the Forth Road Bridge.

Obviously Will-lie is desperate to protect his ill gotten seat by getting a FibDem MSP elected in the area. However this little local plan has now gone a bit awry leaving Will-lie's future as an MP after the next election a little forlorn.

In true FibDem hypocrisy the party most to blame for the continuation of tolls on the Forth Road Bridge is, erm, the FibDems since the Scottish Transport Minister is, aherm, a FibDem - aka the hapless Tavish Scott.

It all came to head this week when a vote on abolishing tolls on the Forth Road Bridge saw Mr Scott lead the opposition and say it would be bad for the environment if they were scrapped.

However Tavish seems to have missed how this statement has screwed up not only his party's chances of taking Dunfermline West from Labour but effectively ended Will-lie's future as an MP.

Perhaps his high office has gone to his head and he is forgetting to consult local colleagues as his fellow Labour Ministers set him up to make a environmentalist statement in order to get six Green votes on board so local Labour MSPs can be freed up to vote against tolls and campaign against them by blaming a LibDem Transport Minister for keeping them? Didn't he ask himself why the seventh Green MSP didn't vote?

Nor did he seem to think it was strange that Labour was quite relaxed about the resignation of Dunfermline West MSP Scott Barrie as Labour Whip. Free from the constraints of party discipline he can now campaign locally against the tolls - tolls being kept by a LibDem Transport Minister.

Oh dear. It seems Will-lie and the Dunfermline LibDems are now boxed in by a combination of skilful manoeuvring by Labour and the fact that no other major party can be attacked for wanting to keep tolls. Along with the Nats and the Conservatives, Labour's Scott Barrie can now join in the attack-fest on the lack of trust and hypocrisy of the LibDems whose Transport Minister wants to keep tolls.

No wonder Will-lie was squirming on Politics Scotland as Isobel Fraser skewered him into saying he had "faith" in Tavish after exposing the lack of "credibility" he now has on the issue of tolls.

Poetic justice indeed. Elected on the issue of tolls and exposed and rejected on the issue of tolls.

Clearly flustered Will-lie tried to insist he was referring to the Rail Bridge when campaigning against tolls

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