Monday, July 31, 2006


Must See TV

Set your video recorders this Friday folks. Mister Inquisitor spotted this highlight in the Channel 4 schedule.


30 MINUTES 5/10: Charles Kennedy - Politics and Power

In this edition of 30 Minutes Charles Kennedy, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, examines the problem at the heart of British politics: the way politicians too often sacrifice their principles in the pursuit of power. He investigates why the political culture can lead politicians to actively avoid talking to the public about the key issues facing the country and what the repercussions have been. Speaking about his experiences fighting six general elections, Kennedy compares notes with parliamentary colleagues including Michael Howard, Ian Duncan Smith, Baroness Jay, Norman Tebbit, Baroness Morris and Jonathan Cruddas. Prod/ Dirs: Anna Murphy, Richard Max, Exec Prod: Dimitri Doganis, Series Ed: Sam Collyns, Prod Co: Mentorn/RAW

I wonder if he means the sacrifice of principles on such issues as:

Fairer taxes

Abolishing Bridge Tolls

Not privatising the Post Office

Extraordinary rendition flights and Bomb laden planes landing at Scottish airports

Tuition fees

Scrapping Council Tax

The Arms Trade

Nuclear Power

Opposing Trident

Road Safety

The Private Finance Initiative

Mister Inquisitor will be cracking open the custard creams ahead of what should be an entertaining exercise in rank hypocrisy from Charlie K.

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