Saturday, March 03, 2007


Fight! Fight! Fight!

FibDems did think it very odd that Sir Ming was airbrushed out off Scottish FibDem central a few months back.

However word reaches old Porridge that things may not be as happy on the good ship FibDem between Admiral Campbell and Commodre Thingey.

Insiders tell Porridge that there has been a big fall out between the two in how the Scottish campaign should be run and who should be heading up the campaign. That who being a one Unable Seawoman Josephine Swinson.

Apparently Ming is determined to promote her as much as possible and thinks she has great potential. Nicol What's-his-name isn't too happy about this but it seems she is getting her way (even if it is unintentionally amusing).

For once Nicol may have a point - but then we do view him as devious and incompetent rather than downright dim. It also highlights how the grumblers in the Fibs may have a point about Ming's faculties.

This infighting and may also explain why Porridge has detected a downturn in FibDem activity over the past few months and the subdued audiences at their recent conference.

FibDem Campaign meetings were getting rather animated whenever the subject of Jo's lipstick came up

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