Sunday, July 16, 2006


Publish and be damned

Oh dear, what can the matter be? The Sunday Times reports today that the "autobiography of Sir Menzies Campbell, the embattled [Porridge likes that - "embattled"] leader of the Liberal Democrats, has been shelved two months before it was due to be published."

Apparently "the official reason for scrapping the publication was that Campbell was “too busy” [Yeah right] to co-operate with its ghost writer, but party insiders believe it may contain damaging details of his role in the downfall of Charles Kennedy, his predecessor.

Can this be the same Ming Campbell who said of his party's policy on increasing aviation fuel (which will keep the proles off the cheap flights and the peasants on their islands) : "I think that's the kind of directness and honesty that our party ought to subscribe to."

Or how about these classic examples of Ming hyocrisy against David Cameron: "Insubstantial policy statements, empty pledges, the obsession with media spin. These are the aspects of Blairism that Mr Cameron has been fastest to adopt [Don't you mean FibDemism Ming?] ... people today want their politicians to be honest about their beliefs, to make promises they can keep [Not the Scottish FibDem MSPs then Ming] ... Britain needs leaders of experience, proven good judgement, who people know they can trust. That’s my territory Mr Cameron, not yours. [Such modesty!]"

So I take it after that self-effacing polemic you will be publishing since you are a direct, honest, upfront, trustworthy sort of guy? Thought not. But since it's a relative of a former Tory MP who wrote it I'm sure it will find it's way into cyber space.

Even after ritual beheading by angry publishers Ming's head kept on lying

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